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Just twenty steps away

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So close it seemed,
Just twenty steps away.
Every color filled dream,
No more gray.

Time tires of the wait,
Play at ten, laughter at thirty,
Dreams beckon, shaping fate,
Unsure now, still flirty.

"What dreams are yours?" asked a child,
Hopeful innocence, trusting eyes,
Words at sixty sound hollow, while grief goes wild,
Utter colorful words, more lies.

For the dreams lay unclaimed,
Like a child, unloved and untended,
Flirty fun rationed to possibilities, but now ashamed,
Self - present, projected, upended.

Unreal present, all I had dreamed,
Let go in fear, hollow now, gone astray.
So close it seemed,
Just twenty steps away.

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Inner Piece?

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I just signed off a conversation with my brother. 
Po, the Kung-Fu Panda, went on a noble quest to find inner peace (I keep re-writing it as inner piece...a piece that will have all other pieces make sense...rambling...rambling...). Little brother and I ended our stop/start type conversation of three hours with, "gotta find inner piece...".  I added an automatic, "That's funny." Little bro didn't think so. "Not really," he said, "it's painful." He hung up, not leaving time for me to delve further into his take on matters. 
"No, it's funny. Really." I said to the skype screen. 
What really is painfully funny, tragic, sad and terribly expected, I believe, is our response to the many stimuli in our environment. We're pre-programmed creatures. Not so different from the robots we invented. Some degree of latitude is present. But for the most part, I doubt that we stray very far from the instruction man…

The daisy valley

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"I thought that he'd be here!" Rati said into the daisy flower, the petals cupping her mouth.

The morning's drama made her shrink into herself. Her mother's shrieking anger bounced off the limits of her mind, creating even more uncertainty and confusion. Was this reality? Was her mother the dream? The family that tried to reach her with words that seemed like noises. Emptiness. The utter emptiness in which their pleas and threats sounded hollow. The love that they spoke of could not reach her. What was this love that couldn't understand her lonely confusion of so many years?

"Rati? She belongs in dreamland." an aunt said.
"Earth to Rati!" her cousins would shriek, suddenly, as Rati carefully watered plants, feeling an energy that connected her to their sturdy green stems.
"She's a good student, but she gets lost trying to help others. And she day-dreams. Did you know that? I could be screaming and she won&…

Civilized wolves

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Skipping, tumbling, happy river
zigzag boulders guide to sea,
bison drench parched throats,
wolves peer, standing by.

Pouncing, two down one,
animal hunger seeks satisfaction,
the herd stampedes across,
now turbulent waters.

Sated, wolves amble away,
landscape untouched, the herd safe,
vultures swoop in to share,
leave sunning bones going to dust.

Smoky city many miles away,
factories belch packaged goods,
artifice laden fruit and meat,
to feed bellies half way.

Culled animals become,
an array of food to pick and choose,
saucy cuts and broils, silently tantalize
no history of too many bones laid bare.

Wonder how the bison and wolves,
are by our lexicon and imagination,
a part of the unthinking wilderness,
with no order, only animal instinct.

Instinct that won't take away,
from nature's order and laws,
Civilized humans though, take and take,
intelligent thought, a farce!

Better we reverse our beliefs,
we live in the wild not they,
needless grabbing at na…
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Happy Fourth of July! Here's to those who still fight for our safety and our rights.

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I'm so excited that I could dance forever!!!! An independent reviewer gave "With you in my heart" 4/5 stars.
I'm screaming right now and my poor child has been startled awake!!! I can't tell you what a great boost of confidence this gives me.

Jennifer Emard of totally made my morning! I hadn't expected to see the review within three days! So prompt and professional.

I'm going to copy/paste parts of her review here -

"I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well-drawn and sympathetic, and at times, quite funny. The cultural attitudes towards women and arranged marriages is informative without being preachy. Around the middle you may begin to think that the plot twists are becoming obvious; don't be fooled. The author is just setting you up before she pulls the rug out from under you.
I have to say, I did not see the ending coming. Once Verun's secret is revealed, the story starts…