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Never mind...

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Steaming kitchen, she chopped and mopped,
"He'll be here", she thought
Sprinting to dress, fragrant spritz,
she smiled as he stepped in to prepared bliss.

"I'm going out," he said, throwing down his coat.
Her eyes downcast, tremble he didn't note.
"See you soon," he said, dropping a kiss.
"Never mind," she told herself, "nothing's amiss."

"He's my husband," the mirror said to her,
"he understands, means well, no loss do I incur."
Dress off, now acquiescent plaid,
A love story she watched, lovers glad.

He walked in the frosty night,
There were no friends in the dying light,
Escape he had from her unhappy gaze
How would they leave this maze?

"Never mind," he told the cold wind,
"She's my wife, even if blame is pinned,
on me, night and day,
for hopes that'll never catch a light ray."

Her smile that faded at the sight
Of him, at the door that night