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Wish list series - Travel 2

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The second most wished for/hoped for destination would be Kiribati. It caught my fancy because it had, at some point, the option to choose the time that it would follow being super close to the imaginary International Date Line. In fact, the Date Line is now altered tending further east, so that the country of Kiribati can all be in the same day, to the west. The Millenium Island, also called Caroline Island is the eastern most island in the Line of islands in the Southern Pacific, all of which see the earliest sun of the new year. Caroline Island had the first sunrise of 2000.

I've handed my heart to it since then. With such beauty, and early risers, what to do for the rest of the day, but sit and stare and bask in the knowledge that you got up before everyone else?! To view endless beauty no less. Yes...this is my retirement spot. It can retire me too, when it sinks.

I would like to go there, and given it's sinkability, go there soon, and really, live…