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The daisy valley

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"I thought that he'd be here!" Rati said into the daisy flower, the petals cupping her mouth.

The morning's drama made her shrink into herself. Her mother's shrieking anger bounced off the limits of her mind, creating even more uncertainty and confusion. Was this reality? Was her mother the dream? The family that tried to reach her with words that seemed like noises. Emptiness. The utter emptiness in which their pleas and threats sounded hollow. The love that they spoke of could not reach her. What was this love that couldn't understand her lonely confusion of so many years?

"Rati? She belongs in dreamland." an aunt said.
"Earth to Rati!" her cousins would shriek, suddenly, as Rati carefully watered plants, feeling an energy that connected her to their sturdy green stems.
"She's a good student, but she gets lost trying to help others. And she day-dreams. Did you know that? I could be screaming and she won&…