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Under confidence and it's burdens

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Where does under confidence stem from? I've often wondered about this rather paralyzing and useless condition. There are many theories out there and at some point, I could identify with every one of the possible reasons for feeling inadequate.

Yet, there was something within the framework of my mind/judgement that permitted a self-defeating reaction to challenges each time. While environment may condition us, I don't believe there was anything monstrously wrong with my childhood. It was filled with love and comfort always. At some point things changed.

It might have been a first crush's crushing response.
It might have been not being able to face down a challenge that was overwhelming.
It might have started with believing that in order to rise up to an ideal, I had to stop being what I was.
In essence then, I was telling myself that I was not worthy of the ideal, as I was.

We've heard it too often; the pearl of wisdom, "no one can make you …