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Wish list - Travel 4

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This travel wish list is rockin'! Apparently I am not as devoid of plans as I thought I was!

The next place to visit would be a region called Ladakh in the northern reaches of India. While at it, I would be a prize fool's prize idiot for not visiting beautiful but troubled Tibet which influences Ladakh greatly by way of culture.

Both places are troubled, and continue to have shifting political landscapes. I wonder though, if the troublemakers bother to look at what they are attempting to destroy. There is such a wealth of history, much spiritualism and beauty in the region, that describing it in a few words will not do it justice. I cannot properly outline the struggles the nations around the region have endured, without appearing biased. It holds great value to multiple cultures because of the civilizations that have thrived and declined around the river Indus, which is an integral part of the region of Ladakh. It is situated between the Himalayas and…