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We see people live out their whole lives making mundane activity their sole focus and others who view the world through intellectual and philosophical lenses. I'm guilty of automatically categorizing people this way. It's almost a distaste for conversation/people/beliefs that do not have a crazy, creative or in some way, offbeat sense of life.

I've fallen asleep mentally around persistent conversation regarding daily routines, clothes, diamonds and even phone calls. The ones who can talk of things removed from daily life seemed exciting, far more intelligent and appeared to be in control! Them versus harried women losing it over missing socks or a grocery store trip.

It took being a full time mom and housewife to understand the other side. I still fight my prejudices :-)

But kids have a way of slamming reality in your face!

It seems that while the creative, crazy, offbeat sense of life is the elixir of a youthful and carefree mind, the so called mu…