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The green eyed monster and lemon yellow

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I finally decided to open a door that I'd shut away, probably during my fugly teen years. The promise, to never look in and never allow the monster inside to glimpse daylight has been tested many times. But it happened most severely with this one person. A perfectly lovely being who goes about her life in her unique fashion. But there is not a whole lot of logic to the jealousy that I feel.

It's terrible admitting it. Even more awful feeling it. And yes, since I promised that my blog would be about humanness too, here it is.

Over yesterday and today, I allowed myself to think about her. A good friend. Who I see very rarely, because we moved and all that. But there is a freedom about this person that is difficult to ignore. She is nothing if not, happily, confidently, care-free. No, she doesn't live a charmed life. I've been privy to some of the sudden endings and shaky beginnings in her particular journey. But never once, did she lose her sense …

A woman's place

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"I have to pick up Ian." Janice sighed, as she collected her bag. "His teacher called. Apparently, he's running a temperature."

Geoff watched her walk away, back held strong, waving at co-workers on her way out. In the three years that as her boss, he had watched her often. With a rising desperation each time.

He had alternately loved and hated Janice. He had fallen hard for her, on their first encounter in the elevator that took them up to their twenty-third floor office. She had laughed and joked with everyone there, making sullen Monday morning faces bloom. She had smiled at him easily, drawing him into her warm radiance and holding him captive.

He had hated her the day that she had made an effective presentation, the following month, proving that the sales strategy she had proposed was a better choice. Over his. Of course, none of it was intended that way. When she was divorced a year later, unexpectedly, the light in her had dimmed…