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When Rose arose Part 3

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Rose felt the tug of an insistent memory. There was something about Sheila's parents. Something that had been big and messy.

"So, in which aspect of the jewelry business was your Dad involved?" Rose asked neutrally.

"Procuring gemstones and precious metal; he wasn't involved in the design process but the company was his baby." Sheila seemed to hesitate before adding, "He loved my Mother and me, and the company. There was never a time when he didn't mention Due North Jewelry. Roger seemed to have something against Mom and Dad. Certainly against Mom for not marrying him, but I can't for the life of me figure out why my Dad and I seemed to have been sucked into this."

Rose asked, suddenly alert, "Wasn't Due North involved in a human rights violations issue at some point?"

Sheila frowned, saying, "You think there's a connection? I remember that time. It was just before I graduated. Dad didn'…

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