Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

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As I ready myself to invite 2012 into my life, somethings about the past year stand out starkly.

Two of my books were finally done, and put out into the world. I started two blogs. This came about, I kid you not, solely because I was furious. Never before have I used anger constructively. The results of being as angry before have been dreadful headaches and vaguely proved memory loss.

I met a questionable holy man, who despite my doubts, imparted significant knowledge and had me lose a miraculous 8 pounds in 2 weeks. Even though he had his eyes on a voluptuous neighbor as I asked him questions about the future and deeper philosophies, I'm still grateful. See? They were right about having an open mind. There are certainly diamonds to be found in the muck. Just have to shut your eyes, and plug your nose for good measure.

After eleven long years of thinking that it didn't really matter, going through career changes and staying home too, I discovered that I just cannot be a housewife. Just...NO. Not for me. So I've had little projects, while ensuring basic involvement with my household and of course, ensuring that Mini-Him has his Mini life properly running.

The biggest surprise of 2011 for me has been my pregnancy. Delightful and unexpected. And much hoped for. Nearly ten years ago, when Mini-Him was born, I believe that I was saturated with patience and tolerance, and an unreasonable belief in supposedly endless time. Life has been stripped down to the basics now. There's no time for indulgence, false ambition and hypocrisy. It feels surprisingly weightless.

And speaking of weightless -  or the opposite - that's one thing that has traveled with me, unchanged over the years. I hope when I write in 2012, I can say, "So we're still here in 2013 (clarify you cryptic Mayans!), and I left my weight behind. The Great Bulk is now a thing of the past!"

I'm grateful to each of you for taking the time to visit, read and comment on my blog. I've enjoyed being myself here and enjoy reading your blogs in turn.

Wish you all a very Happy, healthy, prosperous, love-filled 2012!

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