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Stringpuller and seeker

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The glorious string puller waited
His victims unsuspecting
The notion of waiting with breath bated
Never forming

Crash boom bang
The whole world tumbled
Happily, misery sang
The victims humbled

One named him
The string puller
Face grim hope gone
Life duller

The other looked away
Wondering about sunrise
For this was the end of the day
Guidance he needed from men so wise

And so the string puller and the seeker
Each became the thing they decreed
While life was certainly bleaker
Each life view either bound or freed

For a full stop that evil or nature brings
Defines not existence
A Loving fight gives wings
hope and peace ride toward deliverance.

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Hairfall remedy that works

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So I used this stuff and was surprised at how effective it was.

You'll need

Fenugreek seeds - half a cup
Yoghurt - half a cup

Soak the seeds overnight. Grind them after draining the water. Mix this pulp with yoghurt.

Apply! Leave on for about an hour and then rinse off. You'll have bits of the seed in your hair but a good rinse will take care of that. Also, you'll smell like maple syrup for a day, which can't be that bad, right?

Follow this for three weeks (applied twice a week) and voila! increased hair growth and the best part, reduced hair fall!

Enjoy :-)