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The Light

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"I don't love this!" Marian gasped as the grass squelched muddy moisture around her feet. "I don't love you, I don't love running. So why...why are we doing this. Everyday. How long are we going to pretend like this is normal?"

Ben pulled her hand and caused her to stumble. It had been this way for a month now. The cell phone softly buzzing in her purse at ten thirty p.m. Brooks was asleep. He couldn't know that she was running around with another man. No! He couldn't know that all they did was run. Desperately looking for the arc of light. It had to be there again. Everyday for the past month, they had stood, enraptured within the arc. When the light faded after fifteen minutes, nothing but ridiculous bliss remained. They never knew what they saw. Only felt the weightlessness afterwards.

Soon, Ben dropped Marian back to her dark house. She walked in, her pale pink pajamas wet with grass stains.

Ben ambled on to his own …

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day to everyone who has ever nurtured, loved, argued with, inspired, stayed up late, hugged, listened with out judgement, worried quietly and let go of something for another being.

Hugs to all -

Full Circle

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Full Circle by Anne Maven is on Barnes and Noble's Nook, Amazon's Kindle and Smashwords. The links on the top right of the blog take you to the product page. It is also available on and (germany)

Brief description -
Beautiful, passionate architect Mira Deven evokes a raw hunger in Richard Tyler that he never suspects is hidden within him. Stunned by the force of passion, they stop fighting the undeniable attraction. Letting themselves bask in each other, they are unaware that danger lurks close. A danger that will hurt them both deeply.
Tons of comical insight, hunky shoulders to cry on and plenty of girl talk make this book a fast paced, yet absorbing read! Passion, manipulation and humor rule in this novel about love, betrayal and the ultimate connection.

Look in the other post under My Book for more details on content.