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Travel, it's written!

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I spent fourteen very solid travel-free years between my childhood and early teens. Before that, my parents had been married for a year. In which time, they moved across three states. When Dad finally left to go overseas, he assumed that it would be for two or three years. Only, Mom and I joined him. And for my parents, two or three years magically transformed into thirty full, happy years outside their home country. When I left at sixteen, I wondered if there would be a measure of stability at some point. I suppose that I still wonder about it.

I stayed in Place A for two years, Place B for four years, married Him, arrived in California and walked the piers of Redondo Beach for exactly four months before I moved again.

"You see," said Mom, reflecting on Him's wanderlust and my own fortune, "It's the way your horoscope's laid out."

"Ah. That." I said, gulping down the chocolate cake that she still baked for me, oblitera…