Friday, June 3, 2011

Thank you Lindy Legend

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Thank you Lindy for "A Versatile Blogger" award!

Lindy's wonderful blogs and writing community on blog frog are exciting and for me, enlightening. Especially the numerous writing resources and information that she kindly shares!

The title should take you to her blog page.

I've promised to include seven things about myself -

Love calm mornings. Everyday!

The ocean is a special symbol for me. Eternal and uncontrolled...I live by the ocean now and hope that I'll always have the blessing. Even if the danger in that is more apparent with the disasters these days.

A piece of chocolate, I believe, can set many wrongs right!

I get uncomfortable when I'm too comfortable :-)

I've only recently begun writing again. After many years of stuffing thoughts away in the back of my mind for "later." It can be mighty confusing I tell ya! If you're the type who needs to put down your thoughts for clarity...believing that you can work through them without the metaphorical pen and paper can create a maze you'll never step out of!

I can't stand shopping.

I love lame know? The ones about the chicken crossing the road? And how do you stuff an elephant into a refrigerator? Or what did one strawberry say to the other?( got us into this jam...ROFL)

Thanks again Lindy and everyone who visits this blog and reads my thoughts and stories. I'm thankful that you come by!