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Panama and gorgeous humidity ;-)

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Truth be told, I do love it! What's not to? If frizzy hair doesn't make or break your day then this is utter skin nourishing paradise. For me at least. No more strange ailments and weird treatments. Aside from a few basics, the skin in Panama gets it's nourishment from just being here.

The rains began today with the kind of thunder that one hears in Panama alone. The sky simply bellowed into all that vast rain forest on one side and then, the ever reaching sky-scrapers on the other. If you live in a high rise in Panama, the view alone is worth the ridiculous monthly rent. Just so you could judge rain drop mechanics from an angle you've never encountered. Or the beginning of a rainbow that people see from the street. Or if you live by the bay, and it's not raining, the fireworks. A more generous display is hard to come by.

The rains in Panama rarely disrupt the regular rhythm of life. If you're caught in the rain, go stand somewhere dry.…