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I am beginning a new exercise routine. I think, I could lose twenty pounds if I just ran everyday. It would all be over so quickly. But the fact is, running to me feels like pushing a boulder uphill- just difficult and thankless! Walking is supposed to be the best exercise. I can't tell if walking everywhere many years ago sort of acclimated my body to the activity. I've walked faster, longer, with ankle weights etc.; it helps with the first five pounds and then, I'm left with lost time and no results. It's not true of everyone though. I have friends who have the perfect weight range now after adopting walking as their preferred aerobic exercise. But it's not working for me.

So it's running again. I say "again" because I embark on  these "schemes"...yes, my conversations with my jiggly parts go like this, "We're going to run, and in thirty days, we're going to lose each other. I don't know about you,…