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About the ALS Walk

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I have another blog, where I post information about incurable diseases, personal accounts of dealing with the diseases, and various fund raisers that enable research for cures and help survivors and families.

So far, I've had a few posts about ALS. My friend Linda has talked about her twin sister's battle with ALS.
ALS chapters around the country hold walks/runs to raise funds, get together and stay strong. The many links provided in the posts are a way to reach out to these organizations for help/donations. ALS, like any irreversible illness, takes a great toll on families. They're only just narrowing down causes, and a cure is as yet unknown.

There is an ALS walk on the 17th of September in Salem, Oregon. Do join them if you're in the vicinity. Donations of any amount would make a difference to families.

Here's a link to the blog, where there are other links to take you directly to the ALS website. No donations are handled through my blog…