Just twenty steps away

pic credit - sundayhill; freedigitalphotos.net
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So close it seemed,
Just twenty steps away.
Every color filled dream,
No more gray.

Time tires of the wait,
Play at ten, laughter at thirty,
Dreams beckon, shaping fate,
Unsure now, still flirty.

"What dreams are yours?" asked a child,
Hopeful innocence, trusting eyes,
Words at sixty sound hollow, while grief goes wild,
Utter colorful words, more lies.

For the dreams lay unclaimed,
Like a child, unloved and untended,
Flirty fun rationed to possibilities, but now ashamed,
Self - present, projected, upended.

Unreal present, all I had dreamed,
Let go in fear, hollow now, gone astray.
So close it seemed,
Just twenty steps away.

pic credit - http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2111


  1. anne...wow...I felt these words in the depths of my bones this morning....I felt the energy from it in the pit of my stomach and then it surged through my heart. thanks for this today...my feedburner is not functioning properly so you'll have to go directly to my site to catch up with me....http://www.pleemiller.blogspot.com have a great week.

  2. Pam, thanks for your words. I felt it last night :-) That I wasn't paying attention. And that the extent of time that I have, is very finite! I will go to your blog through the link here. Take care- Anne

  3. The best thing about our hopes and dreams is that it is never too late to chase after them. We may be 20 steps away this time, but next time we could get closer. Great poem!

  4. Thanks Karen :-) The hope is to know that those dreams wait to be claimed.

  5. i like your work and look forward to more...i write poetry too and love what this tool for expression can fix and build.

    my blog is all things purple at:

    if you like what you see, please follow me <3

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Just visited your blog and enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for the follow, I'm following you too!


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