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Wish list series - Travel 5

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Montana. This would be the last in my travel list for now. There are other places, but the urge to explore them will assert itself at some other point I'm sure. I have other wishes to get to now...a couple of spa experiences, chocolate dreams etc. Gotta get to writing about those!

All those dinosaur movies my brother and I watched as kids had such unique landscape. Everything seemed scale with the creatures that walked the earth then. It was after moving to the US that I chanced a look at some of Montana's scenery and was captivated and scared at once. It was so wide open, so huge, and just so boldly beautiful that I didn't know what to do with myself. I look at pictures and am constantly surprised to find no dinosaurs or any ginormous, majestic creatures that could do justice to the crystallized poetry that is nature in Montana.

I cannot wait to visit Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, the various mountains and trails and really, do wha…