Sunday, June 12, 2011

An award and passing it on

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Life with Karen's Karen Greenberg passed an award to me. I am honored to be called "A Stylish Blogger". I have never been called stylish and so am happy to accept this as a first :-) The title of this post is linked to her blog and you view her stories and many anecdotes through it :-D

I am passing this on to fellow bloggers whose blogs I follow. They have hilarious, profound, astonishing and flat out captivating posts. Do visit them!

radical ramblings and thoughts of a southern girl

As for seven things about me, well let's see -

I love the rain; it's terribly sad when it is accompanied by lightning because then I have to give in to practicality and avoid going outside.

I love the sun and humidity as well.

I listen to 70's music. Give me ABBA anyday!

I always wanted to be one of those anime characters in intergalactic wars as a child.

Then, I thought I was going to be a surgeon. Then I decided that I wanted to deliver babies. I sort of walked into physical therapy, looked around, and decided to stay on.

I will be staying home for up to a year. Am trying to enjoy everything possible before I fling myself back into work.

Love coconut water :-) Any time of day!

Thank you for visiting and sharing my thoughts.