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Bliss in nothingness

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In that time between sleep
and wakefulness
When there is clarity in drowsing eyes
My heart feels no constriction
No holds that demand lies

You lie there
Sweet slumber dragging
it's warm heavy feet
The last mile lagging
Smiling, holding back nothing.

The sounds from around us
Non-existent and peaceful
give us a contrasting world
different from the rest of our day
right now, so blissful

Take me away from here
before the holds set in
before I begin to turn
turn into what I can never be
before you begin to run
Run thinking you're saving me

Take us away now,
in the peaceful early morn,
where the promises glow so strong
away from lies, need, fear and a dreary earth
that is tired of pulling us along.

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Juliet downed not the poison

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“Juliet downed not the poison”
She stood out among her peers. Asta wore faded gray denims and a moss green t-shirt that had no shape. It did nothing for her, that look. She had hair that one couldn’t talk about - in a bun and decorated with an array of mismatched pins.
Sid watched the girl as she approached the circle. She was to read for the part of Juliet in the summer production of “If Juliet downed not the poison...”
 He was to play Romeo. He had no idea how he would fake the passion. Now if Linda from his chemistry class auditioned, he could make it work. Asta was tall. Too tall for a delicate Juliet. Too sure and too independent. He had overheard Mrs. Browning, the drama teacher declare that she could think of no one more sensible than Asta to play a revolutionary Juliet. “Of course,” she had said, “we’ll have to do something revolutionary about Asta’s appearance as well.” This last had elicited a wild giggling from Linda who had wanted to be Juliet herself.