Civilized wolves

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Skipping, tumbling, happy river
zigzag boulders guide to sea,
bison drench parched throats,
pic credit - dan,
wolves peer, standing by.

Pouncing, two down one,
animal hunger seeks satisfaction,
the herd stampedes across,
now turbulent waters.

Sated, wolves amble away,
landscape untouched, the herd safe,
vultures swoop in to share,
leave sunning bones going to dust.

Smoky city many miles away,
factories belch packaged goods,
artifice laden fruit and meat,
to feed bellies half way.

Culled animals become,
an array of food to pick and choose,
saucy cuts and broils, silently tantalize
no history of too many bones laid bare.

Wonder how the bison and wolves,
are by our lexicon and imagination,
a part of the unthinking wilderness,
with no order, only animal instinct.

Instinct that won't take away,
from nature's order and laws,
Civilized humans though, take and take,
intelligent thought, a farce!

Better we reverse our beliefs,
we live in the wild not they,
needless grabbing at nature's tolerant abundance,
leaving bloated bellies, some full and some bare.

Nature knows few hungry wolves and bison,
she nurtures, mother like, in love and anger,
Yet for over thought economics,
she'll soon have nothing to spare.

p.s.- This is in no way in support of any lifestyle. Just the amount of unnecessary destruction that we perpetuate. A mild rant against mass produced food.

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  1. Anne,
    well ranted!!! I absolutely love the last few lines.....profound! some will never quite get it...

  2. Thanks, Pleemiller. Feel sort of helpless with this one. Wish there was someway to make it better.

  3. Very good rant. I feel helpless about this situation, too. I wish there were some way we could do something to make life work for all of us.

  4. That's it Karen. It's about making life work for all of us. Nothing more than spreading awareness seems to be an answer at this point. Thanks for stopping by.


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