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Wish list series

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I'll put my wish list out here. These are the things that I hope to do. By articulating them, I acknowledge that these things actually matter to me. The hopelessness of the last few months needs to go, and I decided after writing yesterday, that wallowing in the same hopelessness for the entirety of my lifespan on the planet is not me. If only I'd written sooner...

But here goes. Perhaps it'll be my wish list series!

If you read this, do leave me a note about what your favorite places to visit would be.


Of all the places in the world, the very first place I'd love to visit would be Iceland. There is something about that cold starkness that calls to everything elemental within me. Of course, I'm not a fan of cold, stark climates...but for Iceland, I would happily live in a crevice of its rugged terrain. It doesn't appear to be cold and stark always either. There is even an elemental passion in the green that bursts forth; something…