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Kid compulsions

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So Mini-Him has been on vacation for about a week now. I was hugely excited for him, for me and for the many things that we still hope to accomplish. I suppose it's a human trait to be oblivious, emotionally I mean, to the challenges that will arise from having expectations. I know, in my brain, that nothing is ever easy. So when I discussed the goals I had set for Mini-Him and myself before the vacation, I said, "I know it won't be easy." It was with a sense of relish, bravado creeping in, with which I air-brushed my hopes. All the wise, older women around me had smiled, not as excited as I was. I put it down to them having lived their lives. Surely, it was hard to get worked up about a nine year old's art and science projects?!

Well, there is a monster and a blessing called TV. We're disconnecting the good and evil incarnate today. Just so Him and I don't give Mini-Him confusing signals. So far, we've tussled with setting TV…

With you in my heart

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My second book, titled 'With you in my heart' will be on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and goodreads on June 25. I started this way back in'09, hoping to be done a lot sooner. Many changes later, I found that the story that I wanted to write had changed as well. If you do buy it, please feel free to leave me a note - be it a comment or a suggestion. Here's the Smashwords page link - With you in my heart
I have here a little excerpt of it. There are three central characters and the story goes from India to New York and Arizona (yes, I know. I'm serious)

"The waves crashed over him. It looked like the beginning of time. When there was no one to know or see. In some irreverent part of his mind, he thought of this and the next thought was of Roshani in the morning; in her sheer pink night gown, the outline of her breasts visible in the morning light as she drank coffee, holding the mug with both hands. The water fought him, fiercely …