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writing because...

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With you in my heart It's up. It's done. There are moments when I wonder what I was thinking. I often wonder what exactly I have that gives me permission to write. About life, people, beliefs and love. These are complex concepts. Or perhaps they are just as complex as we make them. I tried to make them work for the characters in the book. Tried to make them human, with fears, yet with the hope of doing something significant. I've used nature a lot here. Rivers and trees and sunrises. People lose themselves in it and try to recover. It's my personal belief that nature restores energies in the way no human contact can. Varun, the male protagonist often goes away to "deprogram himself", as he says. Roshani Das lives in the present, using the sea as an analogy in many ways. At times, I thought that the descriptions of love or grief were rather strong. On reading everything over many times, I see that was the best way. Anything else would dil…

With you in my heart is on sale

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With you in my heart is on sale at Smashwords and Amazon! The links on your right should take you to the book page.

Will be available in a couple of weeks on Sony, Apple, Kobo and Scrollmotion.

The link should take you to the smashwords book page - With you in my heart

A description -
A journey of love and self-discovery.
Roshani Das overcame tradition to find success as a fashion model. When her deepest fear comes true, she fights back, finding a way to overcome a terrible blow. Seen as an enigma, she continues to live life on her own terms.
Varun Dev, rebellious yet spiritual, is determined to chart his own life. Determined to live in a world of his own making, he too lives on his own terms.
When Roshani and Varun meet, they feel a strong attraction that ties them together forever. Roshani overcomes her apprehensions and they are to be married. Tragedy strikes when Varun is lost at sea, while on an adventure. Unable to accept that he could be dead, Roshani br…

Kid compulsions

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So Mini-Him has been on vacation for about a week now. I was hugely excited for him, for me and for the many things that we still hope to accomplish. I suppose it's a human trait to be oblivious, emotionally I mean, to the challenges that will arise from having expectations. I know, in my brain, that nothing is ever easy. So when I discussed the goals I had set for Mini-Him and myself before the vacation, I said, "I know it won't be easy." It was with a sense of relish, bravado creeping in, with which I air-brushed my hopes. All the wise, older women around me had smiled, not as excited as I was. I put it down to them having lived their lives. Surely, it was hard to get worked up about a nine year old's art and science projects?!

Well, there is a monster and a blessing called TV. We're disconnecting the good and evil incarnate today. Just so Him and I don't give Mini-Him confusing signals. So far, we've tussled with setting TV…

With you in my heart

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My second book, titled 'With you in my heart' will be on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and goodreads on June 25. I started this way back in'09, hoping to be done a lot sooner. Many changes later, I found that the story that I wanted to write had changed as well. If you do buy it, please feel free to leave me a note - be it a comment or a suggestion. Here's the Smashwords page link - With you in my heart
I have here a little excerpt of it. There are three central characters and the story goes from India to New York and Arizona (yes, I know. I'm serious)

"The waves crashed over him. It looked like the beginning of time. When there was no one to know or see. In some irreverent part of his mind, he thought of this and the next thought was of Roshani in the morning; in her sheer pink night gown, the outline of her breasts visible in the morning light as she drank coffee, holding the mug with both hands. The water fought him, fiercely …

Travel, it's written!

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I spent fourteen very solid travel-free years between my childhood and early teens. Before that, my parents had been married for a year. In which time, they moved across three states. When Dad finally left to go overseas, he assumed that it would be for two or three years. Only, Mom and I joined him. And for my parents, two or three years magically transformed into thirty full, happy years outside their home country. When I left at sixteen, I wondered if there would be a measure of stability at some point. I suppose that I still wonder about it.

I stayed in Place A for two years, Place B for four years, married Him, arrived in California and walked the piers of Redondo Beach for exactly four months before I moved again.

"You see," said Mom, reflecting on Him's wanderlust and my own fortune, "It's the way your horoscope's laid out."

"Ah. That." I said, gulping down the chocolate cake that she still baked for me, oblitera…

Never mind...

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Steaming kitchen, she chopped and mopped,
"He'll be here", she thought
Sprinting to dress, fragrant spritz,
she smiled as he stepped in to prepared bliss.

"I'm going out," he said, throwing down his coat.
Her eyes downcast, tremble he didn't note.
"See you soon," he said, dropping a kiss.
"Never mind," she told herself, "nothing's amiss."

"He's my husband," the mirror said to her,
"he understands, means well, no loss do I incur."
Dress off, now acquiescent plaid,
A love story she watched, lovers glad.

He walked in the frosty night,
There were no friends in the dying light,
Escape he had from her unhappy gaze
How would they leave this maze?

"Never mind," he told the cold wind,
"She's my wife, even if blame is pinned,
on me, night and day,
for hopes that'll never catch a light ray."

Her smile that faded at the sight
Of him, at the door that night

An award and passing it on

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Life with Karen's Karen Greenberg passed an award to me. I am honored to be called "A Stylish Blogger". I have never been called stylish and so am happy to accept this as a first :-) The title of this post is linked to her blog and you view her stories and many anecdotes through it :-D

I am passing this on to fellow bloggers whose blogs I follow. They have hilarious, profound, astonishing and flat out captivating posts. Do visit them!

radical ramblings and thoughts of a southern girl

As for seven things about me, well let's see -

I love the rain; it's terribly sad when it is accompanied by lightning because then I have to give in to practicality and avoid going outside.

I love the sun and humidity as well.

I listen to 70's music. Give me ABBA anyday!

I always wanted to be one of those anime characters …

Of leaving home and other healthy choices

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Sixteen is a good age I believe. To leave home. Not, most certainly, by force or necessity. But it is a lovely age to transition into the world. A lovely age that will allow resilience in ugly situations. Not too young and not at that age when teenagers are itching to run and forget their beginnings.

Ofcourse, I left home at exactly that age. While I lived with relatives for two years, my home, as I knew it, was going to undergo a transformation.

The biggest change happened internally, when I found not one person who could understand my weaknesses. Truly, why should they? I found myself floundering and completely unable to accept the anonymity. The family I stayed with were good to me. But, the sense of belonging had vanished. With it, my sense of self.

There was no one to sense my fright, my nervousness, my dislikes, or 'my' anything. It was a freezing splash into reality. In retrospect, I am glad that I was so young. While there were fixed ideas abou…


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Dragging resistance, rolling away heart holds back, no! it will slay, myself, fright and notions of might, rocking, it will soothe me into the light.
Leaping waves, thousand arms in gentle embrace, another face of death, takes without grace. Powerful, subdued, nourishing it seems, Eternity back and forth and dreams.
Meaning all this and much more, incidental birth or creation brought afore. Let me stay forever; stay close, yearning, love, hope, soul’s song deep within arose.
Arose when born, grew as the sun blessed every morn. Ocean aeonian, gathers to shatter, waves drench me in measures of love, terror, laughter.
Mansion, shed or frond roof, matters not, I’ll stay aloof, From beautiful humanity’s ephemeral love, than humbling ocean’s treasure trove.

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Thank you Lindy Legend

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Thank you Lindy for "A Versatile Blogger" award!

Lindy's wonderful blogs and writing community on blog frog are exciting and for me, enlightening. Especially the numerous writing resources and information that she kindly shares!

The title should take you to her blog page.

I've promised to include seven things about myself -

Love calm mornings. Everyday!

The ocean is a special symbol for me. Eternal and uncontrolled...I live by the ocean now and hope that I'll always have the blessing. Even if the danger in that is more apparent with the disasters these days.

A piece of chocolate, I believe, can set many wrongs right!

I get uncomfortable when I'm too comfortable :-)

I've only recently begun writing again. After many years of stuffing thoughts away in the back of my mind for "later." It can be mighty confusing I tell ya! If you're the type who needs to put down your thoughts for clarity...believing that you can work th…

Midnight Drunk Dial

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In all my life, I have never received a call such as the drunk dial that woke me at 3 am on a weekend two years ago. Everyone that I've narrated this tale to, ad nauseum, will roll their eyes that I should bring it up again on a public forum. But, let me tell you, it's better to have certain kinds of deviant nonsense occur when you're in your teens and twenties versus being over thirty. That's when life takes on a set pattern. At least, it is that way for me.

I remember the time because I woke gasping when my cell phone rang and grabbed it. It glowed 2:59 am. It said "Private Caller". My husband worked overseas at the time, my parents live overseas and middle of the night calls, in my nervous mind, never portend good tidings. It could've been any of them in trouble and that is why I answered, confused and a little afraid.

The man's first words have me laughing even today.

2:59 am and the man, we'll call him Sad Drunk, aske…