Thank you Lindy Legend

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Thank you Lindy for "A Versatile Blogger" award!

Lindy's wonderful blogs and writing community on blog frog are exciting and for me, enlightening. Especially the numerous writing resources and information that she kindly shares!

The title should take you to her blog page.

I've promised to include seven things about myself -

Love calm mornings. Everyday!

The ocean is a special symbol for me. Eternal and uncontrolled...I live by the ocean now and hope that I'll always have the blessing. Even if the danger in that is more apparent with the disasters these days.

A piece of chocolate, I believe, can set many wrongs right!

I get uncomfortable when I'm too comfortable :-)

I've only recently begun writing again. After many years of stuffing thoughts away in the back of my mind for "later." It can be mighty confusing I tell ya! If you're the type who needs to put down your thoughts for clarity...believing that you can work through them without the metaphorical pen and paper can create a maze you'll never step out of!

I can't stand shopping.

I love lame know? The ones about the chicken crossing the road? And how do you stuff an elephant into a refrigerator? Or what did one strawberry say to the other?( got us into this jam...ROFL)

Thanks again Lindy and everyone who visits this blog and reads my thoughts and stories. I'm thankful that you come by!


  1. We have a lot in common. I really can't stand shopping, either! My clothes have to be falling off me before I replace them. School shopping for my girls is the worst!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I wait that long too :-)...they have to be worn down to the last thread, then I simply can't avoid shopping. Something about the sensory assault that has me running scared of malls!

    Enjoy your weekend too!

  3. Congratulations!
    I found you via Lindy Legends' blog :D You really deserve the award :)
    I'm your newest follower and I truly can't wait to read more and to come back. I'm really glad you've started writing again.. I've taken a short break. I've been making more jewelry lately.. but I LOVE writing! (I haven't completely stopped though ;) )

    I LOVE lame jokes too! I MAKE up too many of my own lame jokes.. that only I laugh of. But my laughter is SO loud, strange and hilarious that everyone else laughs so I always succeed in getting others to laugh too without the joke being funny to them at all ;) YAY for me! haha

    Have a great weekend! Can't wait to get to know you :)


  4. Hi Katrine! Good of you to come by :-) Thank you for your encouragement. I visited your blog and it is exciting to see your creativity. I followed you too. Hope you make many more interesting pieces and write to your heart's content!
    Also, where you ever in Dubai? (I picked up on Cindy being in Dubai Zoo)
    It must be funny to hear you laugh. I have a friend like that. She laughs with tears running down her face, and is so out of breath, that no one can escape joining in! So absolutely Yay! for's a good thing :-)
    You enjoy your weekend too! Will visit your blog soon.

  5. Hmm...meant to say..."were" you ever in Dubai.

  6. Hello Anne, thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating it...I love how you have made yours so personal and full of yourself...
    Good that you got back to writing...we would have missed out on this sweet blog otherwise.. :)

    Have a nice weekend.. :)

  7. Anne,
    The Running....Here is how I'm doing it because the last time I went into the overkill I ended up getting a steriod injection in my overused weight supporting knee. I do the treadmill for an hour....put it on the highest incline at a speed that only makes me sweat. every five minutes I run for two-three minutes....I keep pushing the time the end...I run as hard as I can....I'll update you later....By the way.....too bad you live on the opposite coast...we'd be great friends who could sit on the deck in our pj's, eat chocolate for breakfast and then order our shirts off the internet....loved this post and yes you are very much deserving of this versatile blogging award. Happy Sunday! The garage is half-way done..whew

  8. Tulika, thank you for your kind words :-) I'm following your blog too now. The imagery projected from your words is lush! You enjoy your weekend too. Catch u on your blog!

  9. Pleemiller, I get it now. The thing is, I have to watch out for my knees too. More about that later! I'll try the incline next and see how it goes. I leave it on the recommended gradient to mimic roadside running and that's...erm...'trying' to say the least!
    Also, sitting in pj's on the deck eating chocolate sounds sinfully enchanting! I LOVE internet shopping too! LOL! I could talk myself into any of the sizes available instead of going to a silly ol' fitting room :-D
    Thankyou for your kind words about the award. I hope I can stay interesting :-S...the whole challenge of blogging!

  10. Hi Anne :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for following me too! :)
    Thank you! I will definitely :D
    Yes, I was, I lived in Dubai for 6 years :)
    Hahah yes.. people hear me in the hall ;) hahaha (it can be embarrassing when I meet new people.. but if they wanna be my friend, they need to deal with it ;) )
    Enjoy your week - can't wait to get to know you :)


  11. Hi Katrine,
    I was in Dubai for 14 long years; right up until I turned 16.

    That laughter must be infectious. Hope you always have it to share :-D


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