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Dragging resistance, rolling away
heart holds back, no! it will slay,
myself, fright and notions of might,
rocking, it will soothe me into the light.

Leaping waves, thousand arms in gentle embrace,
another face of death, takes without grace.
Powerful, subdued, nourishing it seems,
Eternity back and forth and dreams.

Meaning all this and much more,
incidental birth or creation brought afore.
Let me stay forever; stay close,
yearning, love, hope, soul’s song deep within arose.

Arose when born,
grew as the sun blessed every morn.
Ocean aeonian, gathers to shatter,
waves drench me in measures of love, terror, laughter.

Mansion, shed or frond roof,
matters not, I’ll stay aloof,
From beautiful humanity’s ephemeral love,
than humbling ocean’s treasure trove.

pic link - http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=732


  1. I love the ocean. It is so violent, yet gentle. I think you capture that here. It's sounds are ones that bring me peace. I can image sitting at the ocean right now, watching the birds and the other animals.

  2. Thanks Karen, for all it's contradictions, it does bring me peace!

  3. very deep and thought provoking. I found myself thinking of the genesis of time....the primordial soupy mix....sloshing gentle waves moving rolling and then crashing....
    anyway...this has great imagery and great heart. thanks for sharing it with us

  4. Thanks Pleemiller, that 'genesis of time' phrase is giving me ideas now. I'm happy that it comes across the way you say it does; it's how I hoped it would sound. Thank you :-D

  5. Such a beautiful poem! You brought me right back to Ventura on the beach!

    Thank you!

  6. Thank you! It was years of living in Redondo, Hermosa and Newport that made the ocean so dear. Ventura on the beach is lovely :-)


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