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Inspired Chicken Little wisdom

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Life seemed rudderless and fraught with worry over the last few months. Apparently, worry by itself "ruddered" my little life boat into even more choppy "worry-riddled" waters. It was such a ridiculous spiral downward - my spirit plummeted with the added weights of worry and dread.

Every bit of news and every call home made me believe that the worst was upon us all. It was like the chicken little scenario...I think I must've run around thinking that the sky was falling for a good 6-8 months and it has been enough!

Until the sky does fall, there is not much one can do, is there? And what do we do when the sky falls? Run for cover? Where would we go?

In the midst of endless negativity and traumatic happenings, I constantly search for a core thought, or a grounding notion. An understanding if you will, of what makes a situation negative enough to elicit reactions that appear illogical.

My understanding is that people seem to be motivated b…