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Life seemed rudderless and fraught with worry over the last few months. Apparently, worry by itself "ruddered" my little life boat into even more choppy "worry-riddled" waters. It was such a ridiculous spiral downward - my spirit plummeted with the added weights of worry and dread.

Every bit of news and every call home made me believe that the worst was upon us all. It was like the chicken little scenario...I think I must've run around thinking that the sky was falling for a good 6-8 months and it has been enough!

Until the sky does fall, there is not much one can do, is there? And what do we do when the sky falls? Run for cover? Where would we go?

In the midst of endless negativity and traumatic happenings, I constantly search for a core thought, or a grounding notion. An understanding if you will, of what makes a situation negative enough to elicit reactions that appear illogical.

My understanding is that people seem to be motivated by a fear of loss. Perhaps it is a fear of losing out or not being the "top dog." Then again, the need to be top dog is rooted in the belief that being ahead of all others in all ways ensures survival - physical survival, ego survival, emotional survival.

So it comes down to survival and what we perceive as necessary for survival. If we were to whittle our lives down even more, food, water, solid shelter, clothing (optional) are about all that we need.

The complexity that we have introduced into our lives, once we begin thinking it all down to the basics, was a way to pass the millenia that we have had at our disposal. The ideology, the currencies, the must have foods, the industries, mining more and making more, and everything that represents the facade of civilization, has weakened us as much as it has made our numbers grow.

Civilization seems to have given men something to value. Over themselves. This process of externalizing value has taken us down unexplored paths, and we take along families, and like minded people, percolate in the beliefs of our tribe, and refuse to let anyone access to what we value. While protecting family and home is noble, we have extended it to resources, countries and ideology.

Speaking of ideology, never was there a surer way to decimate free thought. One may be happily and peacefully entrapped of their own volition. The current destructive approach toward religion, race, homelands etc makes one wonder if these thoughts existed so negatively through the centuries. How could humans have lived with these isolating thoughts when the continents were much closer than they are today? One wonders how they could have crossed national boundaries/kingdoms and blended into the local population, how trade and migration ever happened, and how information spread the way it did.

Women had to have been relevant always if they raised sons and daughters who conquered the earth. Women had to have been part of the workings of the world, until their purpose was restricted. And they became the background support staff in an endless battle.

What exactly are we all fighting for? It seems that we continue to fight for what we have always had. We always had free thought and clean air, and the right to "simply be" was ours. Everything else has been an exercise in some form of mind control. It had to be developed first, and then led one way or the other. Problems continue to be created, and more people dedicate their one and only existence to solving issues that exist solely due to someone's insecurity/greed/intellectual malfunction.

We continue to fight.

Toward what end?

In the end, it seems that we spend much time worrying about the darkness in other minds. Planet earth has 7.5 billion humans and counting...Every mind struggles for relevance...and it finds relevance in either stressing it's uniqueness, or losing itself to what it deems a higher cause. Every one of these minds influences the other. Some loudly, some subtly.

I just don't know how to tune out!!!


  1. Excellent use of words to capture how many of us feel.

  2. Thanks Pam; befuddled and overwhelmed...that's just how I feel.


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