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Moss softens edges
jagged points cloaked and pretending
smooth refinement
persistent moisture's soft focus
reveal grey with burrows
home to a sudden caterpillar

Rooted sentinel soar
a play for each pulse of light
each reaching tendril willing green into
shades of emerald down below
-- a dappled forest

A breath warps
cumulative vapor that saturates
life under the canopy
misty fortress of green and fog
coddling the odd urge
to abandon the vacuous beyond.

Nurturing womb never burning bright
or darkly lifeless
rustling, bird call or slither
underscoring silence and
illuminating pathways within...

photo credit -; "Forest" by dan

Secure Chaos

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Michel de Montaigne - "My life is full of terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened..."

The above quote sums up my daily musings. The stress I must put my mind, body and spirit under while journeying to the conclusion of every "worst possible outcome" must be comical in the face of my rather mundane life.

I do live a very adventurous's all in my mind though. I run down steep slopes that would set my knees quaking in real life and I say outrageous things that I would never dare to other wise. The loss of the happiness of a loved one, or losing the love of a loved one and everything in between is imagined and accessorized with blazing emotion that leaves me wrung out. Wrung out while sitting on a sofa in the morning.

I had a roller coaster year and a half and finally have some time to do things other than pressing chores. It appears that this is what my mind wants to do first. It wants to do SOMETHING...and so that is t…