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I am beginning a new exercise routine. I think, I could lose twenty pounds if I just ran everyday. It would all be over so quickly. But the fact is, running to me feels like pushing a boulder uphill- just difficult and thankless! Walking is supposed to be the best exercise. I can't tell if walking everywhere many years ago sort of acclimated my body to the activity. I've walked faster, longer, with ankle weights etc.; it helps with the first five pounds and then, I'm left with lost time and no results. It's not true of everyone though. I have friends who have the perfect weight range now after adopting walking as their preferred aerobic exercise. But it's not working for me.

So it's running again. I say "again" because I embark on  these "schemes"...yes, my conversations with my jiggly parts go like this, "We're going to run, and in thirty days, we're going to lose each other. I don't know about you, but I'm going to be fit, toned and unselfconscious. So cooperate, and the rewards are plenty." Of course, my endurance compares to a tortoise. Soon, I let go, because I just can't enjoy it. The jiggles stay.

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So now, I'm declaring it. I'm running again. There will be no more conversations with my body. I will run at a certain time everyday (I'm thinking 5 a.m). And willfully allow and then ignore all negative auto suggestions about "being kind" to myself. I'm very kind to myself. But not this time and not with this seemingly insurmountable activity.

I practice yoga with love (my yoga mantra - love creates bend-y shapes; the more the love, the bend-ier you get; it works so hey! shallow pools lead to deeper places...I'll get there too some day!); pilates and some belly dancing I enjoy, I'm okay with weight training. But running? It's a fight against myself that I've struggled to win.

I don't know if I will this time. The hope is to keep at it for ten days. Ten days of forty minutes twice a day. After that, I get a break. A two day break. I've been reading about all of these people who have accomplished a great deal in a year/year and a half or less. I think I can do it. But it's more than running. The issue is that I can't get past my very comfortable comfort zone. In fact, it makes me want to curl up and go to sleep.

It'll be running and to balance out doing something that I can't stand, I'll practice yoga, right after every running session.

Now I just need to figure out if I'm starting this whole "winning over myself" thing today...or tomorrow?!

Any input, suggestions, imagery etc are welcome, as are personal stories of overcoming obstacles on your weight loss journey...

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  1. you go girl...I've just started putting running into my work out as well.....I usually do an hour on the treadmkill a day and my weight stays on......if it works for you it might inspire me to do it more...happy sunday

  2. @ Pleemiller - Wow...that's great! You last an hour?! LOL! I know this sounds lame, but I'm lucky to make half :-) But it will change! I'm going to keep posting about it and we can spur each other on! Thanks for the encouragement...happy Sunday to you too :-)

  3. I'm so excited for you to begin your new journey. I would offer to be your virtual partner, but I can't right now. I'll be there with you one of these days.

    Have you heard of the Couch to 5K program? It's awesome. It takes you from not running at all to running a 5K without stopping to walk in 6 weeks.

    Don't forget to take your rest days! Your body gets stronger on those days that you give it a break.

    Good luck. I can't wait to hear more about your journey.

  4. Hi Karen:-)

    Thank you!! I haven't heard of the Couch to 5K and am going to look it up. Thanks for the info. It would be so great for us all to do this virtually. You'll be able to soon; I have no doubt! You're right about the rest days. I'll keep you posted about how it goes. Am starting tomorrow. Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. You go girl! Running is good cardio. I do a mix of Yoga, Combat, weights and spinning. (Total fitness nut). I do classes, as motivating oneself is really difficult and in the class the instructor and the group dynamics motivate you. But good for you. Keep it up, I hope to see you fitter soon. Running will help you get more stamina and endurance. Ok I'll stop lecturing now. Gonna follow your blog!

  6. Shabana,Wow! you do all of that? Hats off to you! I completely agree about the classes. They just don't let you quit. Which is what I wanted to do yesterday after two sessions of 40 minutes each, 3 min run/1 min walk. I stood on jello for legs! But it can only be good. Thanks for the follow, am headed to your blog now to do the same!

  7. Two weeks ago I started working out with my hubby each morning. We are working thru the P90X video series. Ugh! It's work, but fun to have a exercise partner and be accountable to each other. I can tell each week my body is getting stronger and I can do more of the sets. I don't want to get too discouraged but I have only lost 2 lbs so far for all my effort. Yet if I believe their advertisement, I will have a 6 pack by the end of 90 days. Hah! Hubby will be thrilled if he aquires one, I just want to lose 10 lbs. :-)

    Good luck with your running program. What ever it takes, right??

  8. @Linda,
    P90X is a serious workout! I remember trying their abs series for a few weeks (get a belly cramp just thinking about it)and you're right, the weight takes it's time but I was definitely in better shape(very briefly though). Thanks for the encouragement and yes...anything it takes :-(...


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