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We see people live out their whole lives making mundane activity their sole focus and others who view the world through intellectual and philosophical lenses. I'm guilty of automatically categorizing people this way. It's almost a distaste for conversation/people/beliefs that do not have a crazy, creative or in some way, offbeat sense of life.

I've fallen asleep mentally around persistent conversation regarding daily routines, clothes, diamonds and even phone calls. The ones who can talk of things removed from daily life seemed exciting, far more intelligent and appeared to be in control! Them versus harried women losing it over missing socks or a grocery store trip.

It took being a full time mom and housewife to understand the other side. I still fight my prejudices :-)

But kids have a way of slamming reality in your face!

It seems that while the creative, crazy, offbeat sense of life is the elixir of a youthful and carefree mind, the so called mundane activity is like the wall of a dam, or the bank of a river or even, in the words of yet another socialite I know, the sturdy gold bracket to a 2 carat diamond earring. They channel the brilliance of the rest and pretty much hold it all together. Someone's gotta act!

Pretty doctor lady who talked only about her kids truly wanted nothing but the best for them. Actually, she can come up with some great solutions too. Once we get beyond the trauma of getting them out the door in the morning. It took a few months of silence on my part for her to encourage me to open up. I did, humoring her (I thought) and found that she actually understood! It was an hour before I finished and had to leave. But I'd talked about something I was determined to leave as a non-issue, for an hour! Boy it felt good!!

Besides, I tried what she told me. I had on Mini-Him's (my son, a copy of my husband Him, so Mini-Him) favorite music when he got dressed. He had to get to breakfast before the music got over. It was such a fun three months before we got over that solution and had to find another one!

Mundane conversations and solutions resulting from them free up your brain-that's my thought for the day. Frost could've meant any number of things when he declared that he had miles to go "before he slept."

I feel like I have miles to go every night!! It's not just the dishes, or the laundry. It's the utter conflict between what I really want to do and what absolutely must be done so the household (read lives) is in order. It could be just that one chore and it seems ever so burdensome when weighed against a happy read.

There's nothing wrong with the chore and certainly nothing wrong with the urge to read.

It's the awful divide between the ideas of both. The idea that so-called superior conversation could sustain a full, healthy life and the flawed idea that pedestrian conversation is a condition to be avoided at all costs.

So now I talk about anything. The stuff you learn is amazing. The girls let loose about all sorts of inanity. "Him" rolled his eyes on Saturday when I put a friend on speaker phone and went about chopping up spinach and onions for a lunch soup. It was venting by turn, out of turn, substitute name calling (kids in the house) and then, well, she went about her day, actually getting stuff done. I went on to serve a smashing soup, had Mini-Him learn some more math and then, sat down to read with a heart light and happy.

It's what I now believe. Mundane or Inspired, it comes from the same source. I would absolutely smother one and feed the other before I HAD to change. It feels good too! The knowledge that I can handle a practical necessity as well as a spiritual one.

I believe now that one would be pretty useless without the other!!

Happy cooking/baking/reading/writing/running/just plain living!


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