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It just occurred to me today, that we talk about "falling in love". It's rarely the tacky sounding, "feeling the love", or the wordy "experiencing love" or a simple "I love him/her/you".

First, why do we fall into it? Is it an abyss that pulls us downward? Or a mythical ocean of bliss?
Then follows my second point, if someone is out of love, that must mean that they climbed out of the abyss, or stopped swimming in an ocean of bliss.

Where do we go when we "fall in love"? Where are we when we're "in love"? We make some very permanent choices/changes when we're in these special zones. People seem to fall out of these zones easily and the choices remain.

Then there is the celebrity sounding, "We fell in love all over again!" So we fall into the abyss/are swimming in the mythical ocean/are back in our special place again? Having left once, we're ready to run back in, to feel all t…

Unreal Beauty

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Beautiful world has a hold on me
Sleepy journey into bliss sets me free
Struggle to hold on, hold on to peace
People, sights and sounds tantalize, tease.

Do I wear red, blue, yellow, another hue?
My best friend, a diamond, they sell it true
Wouldn't want a friend so cold and hard
Blood spilled to fuel their spark, spirit charred.

Art, spiritual expression, oft a mockery
Admire the intention, the product trickery
Wars, fights for justice, easily flipped reason
Any where you turn, every argument a treason.

Enjoyment artificial, a wreath
on free spirited creativity, stifled breath
Yet hope is seductive, beckons,
Beautiful life captivates, even for just seconds.

Memory of fleeting truth and beauty
Strong persuader, call to duty
Duty to love, trust and believe
Remain unspoiled, and somewhat naive.

So I come back, charmed and jaded world,
still more mysterious than peace unfurled
Grabs me at once, unloving, handcuffs in gold
Want to run, again, now, to escape it&…

My dream-life

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There are these dreams that I have where the colors are so vivid, and I seem to be part of the dream in every way, that reality becomes the story. I've had difficulty reorienting myself after waking up.

There was the dream of a friend eating a really ripe, green fruit. She wore green too. The strangest part of the dream was watching these bunch of girls, all in green, eating that really ripe fruit.There was fruit juice all over the place. I couldn't fathom why it was so vivid. And really, why on earth I couldn't stop talking about it. Him had an evil glint in his eye when I told him. His eyebrows danced and he said, "Out with it. What did you really dream about?"

It escaped me, for a moment, what he meant. Then I realized that it was some ribald thought and ignored him.

Still I brought it up again, and he looked wearily on and said, "Okay, so these girls ate a really ripe fruit. Maybe you saw an avocado ad. Maybe you read about breadf…