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Secrets - continued

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She walked into their backyard. The overgrown lemon tree nearly touched the roof. She hadn't the heart to prune it or cut it down. The tangy crisp scent in the cool night air gave her an added impetus. It was all fresh. Like the fresh start she was going to make. Away from the silences and glances filled with loathing.
"Is there something that I've done wrong?" Roma asked Rix when she stood in front of the tree. The solid trunk behind her gave her support. She felt brave shaded by its branches. He stood about five paces from her. A far cry from the days when he would stand with his arms around her waist, pressed against her like they were one unit.
"No." Rix jammed his hands in his pockets and began shuffling his feet, looking down. That to Roma, meant he wanted to leave.
"Rix, look at me!"
"I don't WANT to Roma!" He roared. Roma fell silent in shock.
Recovering, she said,"I want to know exactly why you've…

Secrets - part 1

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Dinner was delicious. They ate in silence.The colors and aromas rose, tantalizing the senses and disappeared into the vacuum that existed between them. Rix and Roma sat as they always did. Hunched over their plates, ready to pounce.

His face never betraying anything, Rix thought to himself, "She slouches like she doesn't care. Doesn't care that she could look better for my sake. After all that I do, it doesn't matter to her how I see her after a day outside. I'm sick of it. Sick of it. I should just let her know. Tell her everything instead of sparing her the worry. Then she'll have a reason to look like a waste."

Something in his demeanor must have changed because Roma sank back further. Her shoulders protracted another inch and her small body shrank. She thought, "I'm so tired of carrying all of this alone. He should be man enough to face this. Instead, he looks like he cannot stand the sight of me. He's slouched ov…

Panama and gorgeous humidity ;-)

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Truth be told, I do love it! What's not to? If frizzy hair doesn't make or break your day then this is utter skin nourishing paradise. For me at least. No more strange ailments and weird treatments. Aside from a few basics, the skin in Panama gets it's nourishment from just being here.

The rains began today with the kind of thunder that one hears in Panama alone. The sky simply bellowed into all that vast rain forest on one side and then, the ever reaching sky-scrapers on the other. If you live in a high rise in Panama, the view alone is worth the ridiculous monthly rent. Just so you could judge rain drop mechanics from an angle you've never encountered. Or the beginning of a rainbow that people see from the street. Or if you live by the bay, and it's not raining, the fireworks. A more generous display is hard to come by.

The rains in Panama rarely disrupt the regular rhythm of life. If you're caught in the rain, go stand somewhere dry.…


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We see people live out their whole lives making mundane activity their sole focus and others who view the world through intellectual and philosophical lenses. I'm guilty of automatically categorizing people this way. It's almost a distaste for conversation/people/beliefs that do not have a crazy, creative or in some way, offbeat sense of life.

I've fallen asleep mentally around persistent conversation regarding daily routines, clothes, diamonds and even phone calls. The ones who can talk of things removed from daily life seemed exciting, far more intelligent and appeared to be in control! Them versus harried women losing it over missing socks or a grocery store trip.

It took being a full time mom and housewife to understand the other side. I still fight my prejudices :-)

But kids have a way of slamming reality in your face!

It seems that while the creative, crazy, offbeat sense of life is the elixir of a youthful and carefree mind, the so called mu…


Red Blossoms Love and Anger 
Two fade in time and blazing sun
One grows in eternal memory

Yoga with a name and other illusions

I've practiced yoga off and on for over two decades now. It started when I was twelve.

Dad taught me a brief series of postures and I hated the achy stretchy feeling I was left with. Years later, the actual physical balance and subsequent mental calm were more valuable than moments of discomfort.

Which is why my encounter with a seasoned Yogi last week had me shocked. The man started off with what I was convinced, were awfully simple exercises. I'd done more right?

The camel pose? The side plank? The crane? huh? They're mid-level difficult right?

Well, single-leg rotations at 30 degrees and 90 degrees are okay. 15 times clockwise and anti clockwise may be taking it up a notch. Then of course, come double leg rotations. We're talking all the way - legs going all the way to the right, top, left, bottom without touching the floor - and up again. Together. Of course, vanity demands that I stay elegant and pretend like I'm juuuust fine! Yeah baby. 15 of those too.

Some …

To fear Fear and Love love

Love lives
Does it grow?
Fear thrives
sun or snow
The will to live
the will to love
break they would
entwined by fear's reed
Life giving bees buzz
yet the stinger rules thought
Their honey'd love affair
unrejoiced, though it aught
Would love taste
as in imagination
Did not fear add spice
and hope become trepidation?
Does man need fear
to know all of love?
For to love without fear
Would be blazing like the sun
Unafraid of flares
or awesomeness
Unafraid of nothingness
Certain only of radiance
Caring only for warmth
Too much in the desert
Too little in the frost
But glowing, 
yet cannot take
and hold in tenderness