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Oak and his water world

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"Mommy, mommy there's another wave!!!He yelled as he ran, hoping to escape it, hoping to get caught...eager to hit the sand before the wave hit him. Chubby legs and arms uncoordinated in excitement and haste The wave got him of course. A laughing, delirious and happy little boy. His mother smiled with the sun behind her, and led him to a warm spot on the sandy beach.

Oak stood at the edge of what must have been the Strand on the beach with expensive homes that had overlooked the ocean. That was thirty years ago. Thirty years in which the waves had hit much more than rambunctious little kids playing in the surf. They had hit and taken over the beach, and now crashed over the framework of uber riche homes...framework that showcased an expanse of sky and empty shell, sand and seaweed laden spaces inside.

The only channel that brought him to his childhood haunt was empty at this time of morning. It swept down from a web of suspended metallic beams in the …