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A friend to love

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The steam flattened the last crease on his dark blue shirt. Amy hung it up, propped the iron and disconnected it. Harry entered, drying his hair, still in his bath towel.
Smiling at Amy, he asked, "Done?"
"Yes," she said, unconsciously mirroring his smile.
"You don't have to you know." Harry sat on the edge of his bed, and surveyed the ironed clothes. About twenty shirts and ten trousers. He won't have to worry about it for a month now.
"I know. But then, I won't have to see you crumpled when you read the nightly news to thousands!" Amy ran her fingers through his hair and laughing, he held her close.
Five minutes, she told herself. Five minutes when the rest of the world would fall away and this would be her reality. Five minutes when she could imagine his embrace leading to it's natural conclusion.
Instead, she spoke out loud, "I made some of that pasta you like and left it in the freezer. There…