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Secrets - continued

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She walked into their backyard. The overgrown lemon tree nearly touched the roof. She hadn't the heart to prune it or cut it down. The tangy crisp scent in the cool night air gave her an added impetus. It was all fresh. Like the fresh start she was going to make. Away from the silences and glances filled with loathing.
"Is there something that I've done wrong?" Roma asked Rix when she stood in front of the tree. The solid trunk behind her gave her support. She felt brave shaded by its branches. He stood about five paces from her. A far cry from the days when he would stand with his arms around her waist, pressed against her like they were one unit.
"No." Rix jammed his hands in his pockets and began shuffling his feet, looking down. That to Roma, meant he wanted to leave.
"Rix, look at me!"
"I don't WANT to Roma!" He roared. Roma fell silent in shock.
Recovering, she said,"I want to know exactly why you've…

Secrets - part 1

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Dinner was delicious. They ate in silence.The colors and aromas rose, tantalizing the senses and disappeared into the vacuum that existed between them. Rix and Roma sat as they always did. Hunched over their plates, ready to pounce.

His face never betraying anything, Rix thought to himself, "She slouches like she doesn't care. Doesn't care that she could look better for my sake. After all that I do, it doesn't matter to her how I see her after a day outside. I'm sick of it. Sick of it. I should just let her know. Tell her everything instead of sparing her the worry. Then she'll have a reason to look like a waste."

Something in his demeanor must have changed because Roma sank back further. Her shoulders protracted another inch and her small body shrank. She thought, "I'm so tired of carrying all of this alone. He should be man enough to face this. Instead, he looks like he cannot stand the sight of me. He's slouched ov…