Steam dream

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I have to add a new wish to my wishlist. This one could possibly be the most self indulgent one of them all. Yes, I know the world is falling apart. And that I ought to keep the frivolity where it belongs. But, but...when you have a steam room experience like I did, you might understand.

A good friend took me to through this experience. She "who is bold and brave" first insisted that underneath the white fluffy towel that preserved modesty, only the birth suit need be present. I "who view the world from behind whatever is in front" refused to let go of my underthings.

"They are going to get soaked." she said.

"I can't!" I squeaked as she shook her head and marched toward a door with tinted glass.

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I shuffled back to the lockers, barefoot and completely embarrassed. As I tried to do a "flashdance"-esque divestment of underthings, two women floated over to the neighboring lockers, chattering away. They gave me a once over as I focused on holding the edges of the towel between my teeth. I tried not to move too much, lest the towel flaps reveal flabby hairpin curves.

I scurried out, glad to see my friend holding the door open with glee.

That first hit...aaaah!!! I think I said, "I see!!!" and then, "Actually I don't..." because my glasses fogged over. She had set the steam on high so that the entire room had warm mist tinged with alpine scents soaking into everything.

I had a moment of panic thinking that maybe I couldn't breathe. But no, I could breathe easier and all that steam seemed to have the effect of a massage without touch. We talked and talked...and I occasionally forgot my train of thought. Pine-y, mentholated steam came in from all over and I wish I'd been brave enough to allow all of me unrestricted access to that steam. Some day when I feel brave and bold. But that is for another time.

So my wish is to have a steam room in my house, where ever that will be. With jets and nozzles lining the lock on the door so I don't panic, and ledges just the same as in the magical steam room I had the opportunity to use. I'd take my body brushes and a big fluffy towel, and just veg out. No need for those glasses. I'd peer into warm steam and celebrate the here and now in a completely unique fashion. I mean, what does one do if one can't look past the steam? Give up happily I suppose.

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I'm going to have to discuss this with Him.

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