pour light into a void

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Love, compassion and humanity are a two way street. One cannot pour shining light into a dark void that incinerates all that gives life meaning. One cannot make excuses for a void...a void exists, and the light that it devours greedily lies within...the only way it can free itself would be to give back...give back the light, illuminating what lies within.

Who dare demand that more light be given to those who willingly live in the dark void? If the only goal of life is death, how can life be?

The only answer is to
leave them alone. They are not ready for your particular light. Your particular hope, and your particular point in time. They will leave when they are ready. They will receive all there is without you...and the void will be less strong then.

Image* - "Black Hole" by chrisroll, www.freedigitalphotos.com


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