Wish list series - to be fashion forward and Happy Fourth!

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I haven't learned to dress right in all these years. I've lived in different countries/climates etc. But dressing up for me is a frightening, difficult to navigate activity. The world of color, choices, cuts, fit and trends is one that I have never had the "guts" to explore.

To clarify, I wear jeans/tracks/twill pants/t shirts/shirts and not much variety other than that. A special occasion might warrant a silken something that I hold onto for dear life. Just so that I won't have to think the next time I have an event. And I think I lie to myself when I say that trends don't matter to me as I prefer a classic touch. I do. That's what my better senses gravitate to most of the time. But my "safer", "downplay your assets" and "stay in the shadows" sense encourages the most basic, non threatening, seamlessly moving from decade to decade sort of fashion choices...or rather unfashionable choices. I mean, short of stretchy cotton/relaxed fit jeans and shapeless big shirts, what else would travel so well through time without making statements of any kind?

"Pretty Young Girl and Graffiti" by Serge Bertasius
I think, that last line gives me a clue. I don't like to make statements do I? I don't and apparently it carries over everywhere.

This is a wish list post after all, and not a look into the dusty corners of my mind. So my wish would be to have someone literally hold my hand and explain all of this to me! My mother picks out better clothes for me than I do. She is bold about color and fit and styles. She dresses beautifully...and I do look like a staid peahen ready to retire in front of her.

If I knew how to start thinking about clothes, it would be great. I am far from slim or obese but can never find/or don't know to look for clothes that work with my body type. So someday, soon I hope, when Mini-baby is about 3 or 4, I would like to go to a mall/store with someone who can explain why my choices suck, and why another choice would not. And give me that little bit of certainty about choosing something for the mornings vs evening.

I felt the need to post this after going over fellow blogger Shabana Feroze's post on www.thesilverkickdiaries.com. She discusses being a shopaholic. If there is an opposite to it...something along the lines of shop-a-phobic or fashionophobic, that would be me. But not out of snobbery, but desperate ignorance!

So yes, I wish to remedy it...soon!

Happy Fourth of July...love this country inspite of the distances it needs to go. I am grateful for the opportunities and possibilities. Hope to give back someday.

Image credit - "Pretty Young Girl and Graffiti" by Serge Bertasius through www.freedigitalphotos.net


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