Wish list series - Scintillating spa-cation

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Yes. A spa-cation. A two week spa hopping/spa staying experience. That's next on my wish list.

I'm really into this. Researched all these spa options out there in the world, and have concluded that I'd go anywhere that offered less talk, fresh air, no questions, and of course transcendental treatments! Now I'm far from a millionaire/gazillionaire. But I can hope!

Coffee and Turmeric scrub by voraorn
I came across articles about spas that offer champagne and adjust your light settings and music etc. Apparently they customize everything! I would not want to make a single decision on a spa-cation. Nor do I want to be told what goes into making my lunch. As selfish as this sounds, I don't want to have to converse...not with the therapists in the spa, or a fellow spa-cationer or anyone. And I don't want any alcohol. Wait, I'll make an exception for mimosas.

Just to be taken care of for a few days before I get around to taking care of everything else.

Oh...a full body mud wrap...I am falling asleep just thinking about it. Loads of steam and fragrance, lots of moisture and not one bit of rough skin. Deep conditioned, shiny, well nourished hair would also be a positive spa-cation outcome. Oh...a reflexology session...where they can turn my feet into cushiony, supple, youthful prettiness with nail polish in some variant of a sangria shade.

All of this near the sea, where I can fall asleep inside a canopy that lets in the ocean breeze, is warmed and gilded by sun light and still keeps out the burn.

At night, I'd like to swim and read. And not utter a single word or make a single plan.

I'd love to have this every year. But just once will do for now!

If you care to share, what would be your favorite spa experience?

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  1. Oh this has REALLY made me long for one too Anne! Let's see... my dream spa-cation.. I definitely agree that I too want complete silence. After talking and shouting in my group exercise classes I want to rest my voice! And I'd like massages.. that really get into all the deep-seated pain in my muscles. And loads of fresh fruit and veggies to eat!

    1. I forgot the loads of fresh fruit and veggies! I hope you get your dream spa-cation...I too have a fitness instructor wish coming soon! LOL!


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