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Belgian chocolate has a flavor that I cannot find anywhere else. For that reason alone, I would love to visit Belgium. Never mind their pommes-frites. I make a batch nearly weekly for Mini-Him with his much loved sauces. It is the chocolate and the fact that such a tiny, beautiful country can produce something that is subtle and dramatic at once.

I researched Belgium long ago, when I made a slide show for an international project for Mini-Him. His topic had been Belgium - country/culture. And boy, what a gorgeous place! With impossibly beautiful castles nestled in lacy greenery, surrounded by water reflecting the royal blue skies, Brugge - The Venice of the North, historic churches with fabled works of art that are UNESCO heritage sites, Belgium has so much to show and tell!

Yet, yet, and yet...my one reason to visit would be to taste its chocolate. While the fabled Guylian and Godiva chocolates are available everywhere, there are local brands which pique my interest. There are other chocolatiers the world over, with their delightful chocolate mixes, textures, and funky flavors all of which guarantee a spot on top of the line lists. But there is something about Belgian chocolate and its taste and texture that leaves the rest in chocolate-dust...for me at least.

Chocolate by Danilin
The flavor is unique. It appears that they actually strictly regulate the quantity of cacao. Also, while the European Union allows chocolatiers to substitute 5% of the fats used in making chocolate with cocoa butter, Belgian chocolatiers stick a rude finger in the face of taste corrupting palm/shea butter in chocolates. They use 100% cocoa butter. I KNEW there was a reason I turn into a giddy mess when I have one of these! In fact, they even have a Belgian Chocolate Code. The Code was set forth by the Royal Belgian Association of the Biscuit, Chocolate, Pralines and Confectionary industry. Now this is a USEFUL organization for a country to own. I would lay any ambition I have down to regulate chocolate making for all my life. The texture is smooth and fine as they break down all particles into smaller units. It just makes literally "melt into your skin" goodness.

Gorgeous backdrops could come and go..but the bit of luxury that is Belgian chocolate stays accessible and surprisingly affordable!                                                                                                                                                                                      
A walk around with chocolate, fragrant and damp mornings...aaah...handcrafted heaven!                                            

 Info compiled through the internet and specifically through  http://www.aocs.org/Membership/FreeCover.cfm?itemnumber=18144  

Image credit - Chocolate by Danilin through www.freedigitalphotos.net                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. Now you've made me want to visit too!

    1. Imagine the photo-shoot potential in that gorgeous place!


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