A sucker for love stories because....

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I don't think I come across as a romantic person. I honestly don't think much of teddy bears bearing wands with candy hearts, and rose petals sprinkled on sheets or perfumed letters (do people do that stuff still?). I know folks who love those things and it's cute...but it is not me.

Still, I can't ever ignore a good love story. For someone who lives a very utilitarian life, the shades (not necessarily 50...umm...joke folks?) of love in a book brighten my own day. I don't imagine an Adonis with speaking golden eyes doing unprintable stuff to me. Nor do I imagine myself as a flirtatious seductress, intent on leading men to a literal and metaphorical precipice. I don't imagine said Adonis valiantly defending my honor, with his heart in the act. Nor do I imagine myself as someone who will tolerate all manner of nonsense waiting for Adonis' acceptance of his one true love/object of lust (the one and the same of course!).

But I do fall in love with the sentiment. Every time. The notion of love that makes each day easier to bear. The silly fights written with such dramatic flair that unfurl mysteries about each half of a couple, characteristics that are flawed and endearing, intimacy that they fight toward, against and for. All of it makes me view the world with less cynicism and much more hope.

I understand. How can the complexities of our time be nullified/bettered with silly love stories? They cannot. But what if the protagonists of the complexities had love stories of their own? Would their choices be different? The rage that fuels the madness rampant in the world today, perhaps, might have never morphed into itself if the capacity for such intensity had been tested with love. Everyone with an agenda borne of megalomania might have directed lives differently if only they could focus outside of themselves, lose themselves in another, and work toward maintaining what they cherish.

"Designed to Heart Shape" byBlack-HardArtstudio
Of course, nothing is as simple or as simplistic. Which is why I love romances. Because they bring it all down to something agreeable. A ton of love and sex versus a murder mystery with crazies on a killing spree with good folks getting a raw deal. I'd choose the love even in real life.

Not much intellectual stimulation there, I agree. But I'm a wuss enough to want to feel good after reading a book. So now I read romances, and travelogues, and how-to books, books on herbs and beauty remedies, and books on wars with love stories in them of course. Anything that will remind me about why I need to stay positive. It is for the good things in life; the stuff that we lose sight of so easily, when we get ensnared in complexities not of our own making.

Complexities that arise from other humans' love and desire starved hearts and minds! 

Image credit : "Designed To Heart Shape" by Black-HardArtstudio through www.freedigitalphotos.net


  1. If we don't have it sometimes, it is good to read about romance ~ I enjoy them too. ~ thanks for visiting ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  2. True! Good to have u here :-)


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