Stunned or benumbed

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"I'm stunned out of my socks!" Mini-Him's post lunch hyperbole caught my attention. I had rarely used the word "stun" "stunning" or "stunned" at home. After Mini-Him's use though, I guess my eyes were open for the word.

The number of times we're told to be "Stunned" by the media is, frankly, stunning. There are any number of women who are stunning, have stunned or plan to "stun" on the red carpet. Scenery of all kinds race to make top favorites as "the most stunning" and nail and hair can also be, stunning.

I had such a giggle when I read Merriam Webster's online dictionary definition for the word "stun" - ( source)

1 - To make senseless, groggy or dizzy (bwaahahahahhaaaa!!!)

2- To shock with noise (Her gown SCREAMED couture?)

3- To overcome especially with paralyzing astonishment or disbelief... (I cannot believe the foliage is so golden red! I can't move...)

Perhaps we want to convey the wonder we feel. Perhaps we'd rather use few words with our minds running in code/abbreviations. Hmm...stunning in short..."Jenfer Anstn STND on rd crpt". Maybe we're too lazy to search for appropriate terms. I've seen a range of celebrities held up to that "stunning" standard. One's eyes water from more than just precarious necklines.

I can see language spin off a new form of expression. As Esperanto intended, but never did, perhaps this will unite the world.


Abbreviated thought and expression...SHUDDER!!!


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