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When I hear about possible second earths and alternate universes, it seems ridiculous that I have to study math, physics and chemistry again.

Huh?! you say...

Yes...I do too. Why, when there is so much going on in the world, any number of things that could upend carefully orchestrated plans to complete licensing requirements, do I have to apply my scrambled from two kids brain to studying what I have before. Never mind that I can't remember jack.

I'd envisioned being 35 and having a tangible self. It is the exact opposite now. There is nothing less tangible than my sense of self. I'm sure a lot of new moms/second-fifth-twentieth time moms might feel the same. I don't see it changing in the near future either. It's rather late to be having questions like "Who am I"...and "What am I here for" plague my nights. I thought that useless questioning ended with my teens. Apparently I still have commonalities with my teen years - I'm hormonal and lost.

The good thing is that the weight loss efforts are fruitful. Like my good doctor said, there is a looooong way to go. But there is progress that makes me want to continue working at it.

Baby-him is a busy baby. He cannot sit still. Mini-Him is a mouthy, cute and hyper ten year old who is still given to unsettling insight. His latest being, "Why do I have to study so much...why do I need a degree..just so I can have ONE MORE PERSON BOSS ME AROUND?!"

This was a not so subtle reference to pressure tactics from yours truly. His Math needed attention.

Of course, I couldn't tell him that I was still bossed around at 35. By Baby-Him, by folks at licensing boards and college advisors and Him issuing instructions from far away.'s important, even if unrealistic at times, to hold on to hope/illusion that our lives will be unique!

All of it makes me wonder about those alternate universes/earths. What if there are life forms there already? What if we decide to set up home there? Are we going to have an Earth 2 stock exchange? Earth 2 health insurance (valid during brief stays on Earth 1 - certain restrictions apply), are we going to introduce money so people can work all their lives to relax in comfort in an old age made miserable from lack of rest? Are we going to import religious order? Are we going to create one more? And ostracize those who don't follow it?

What are we going to do on a new earth that we don't do here already? More of the same?

How in the name of goodness do we ever step off?

I do love this though...
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