What were those moments?

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photocredit : Guardians of the Light by sattva, www.freedigitalphotos.net

What was that moment?
When the heat that lit atmospheric particles to vivid roses and blues
seemed to expand within, saturating cells,
power that didn't hold back seeing as I was an object
in it's path, but rather, that I was the same as the earth
or the roots of trees plugged into the source.

What was that moment?
When her eyes looked at me, like I was someone
someone so separate that her head had to bow,
and her eyes plead while her hand trembled with shame and need?
And the only feeling I had was that the illusion was all too much to bear
A metaphorical curtain, or pseudo civilized rules kept me
from drawing her into a hug and nourishing her as I would myself.

What was that moment?
When his eyes seemed so familiar
almost like a mirror, features somehow dissimilar as day and night,
yet knowledge so old and encompassing shared in a look
felt like souls blending seamlessly and yet,
nothing was ever shared again past that noisy afternoon in the city.

What was that moment?
When the starry sky seemed a ceiling,
too restrictive for truths to be set free
truths that belonged in the endless "absence of light"
and in vast incinerating swirls of energy that would set alight
truth far beyond our first concept of time's beginning.

What were those moments?
Moments that cause barren snow filled swathes
and verdant hills not yet called home,
to feel like props in a play,
people as actors who double as audience in a great
ceaseless play that bares only what we show
and what others think they know.
Moments that seem like they could,
on the formation of a single thought, or utterance of a single word,
zap the play and charade
unraveling what surely must be
right in front of me.
Unravel the truth to set us free...

pic credit - "Guardians of The Light" by sattva, www.freedigitalphotos.net


  1. very nice Anne..glad to see the boys gave you a moment to be..........

  2. Thanks for stopping by Pam, must visit your blog for inspiration...it's been awhile!

  3. Magnificent poetry ~ precious moments ~

    (A Creative Harbor)


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