Mini-Him's potent poem

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Mini-Him is an out and out boy. Not given to "softer" pursuits. Rough and tumble, legos and strange creatures from every new Cartoon Network sponsored show make his days more than exciting. And while he has been an only child for nine long years of his little life, I didn't believe he was too lonely. Atleast, not lonely enough to warrant the shocker of a poem he wrote for Haiku practice in his elementary school. It...completely...disturbed me. Yet when I asked him if he actually felt any of what he wrote, he denied it.

"I have you, and my legos, and my Panama now. But still, I have some nice acquaintances here. Why would I be lonely?" he asked, a Ninjago (new fangled legos) Lord Garmadon attacking hapless foot soldiers in some mock battle arranged on our coffee table.

"Did some parts of the poem somewhere?" I asked.

"Nope." he replied, followed by an "aaarrrrghhhh....Lord Garmadon didn't was a TRAP!!"

Maybe he had. Maybe he didn't realize he'd picked up something. Or maybe he just had a bloody good imagination. Or maybe he really felt those things...and if this last is true, then I've been seriously remiss as a parent.

The grammar and sentence construction are about what one would expect for the age group.

But the parallels....oh my!

I don't know how others see it...

Here goes...
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Loneliness is like a man drifting in the uncharted seas

Loneliness sounds like the howls of those who have nothing

Loneliness tastes like bitter salt who none would eat

Loneliness sounds like the sorrow of those who aren't cared for

Loneliness looks like a man sitting on an empty corner

Loneliness feels like no matter where you are you are always chased away.

I don't believe Mini-Him was ever given a time out in a corner to warrant such a statement. Time outs never worked with him anyway. I can only think back to his bullied days. Sure I've said that I was busy and that I would "play legos" later.

It's not a perfect poem. But the imagery is very sad, for me at least. It is sad that he associates images in this way.

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  1. It seems he has a bit of a writer inside him already......and I am've done a fabulous job with mini-him.....I know his stories sure do make me smile...

  2. Hugs...can't tell you how much I freaked when I read his poem. Writer or not, it brought out all sorts of guilt. He insists that it was his "imagination"...(SpongeBob tone). Thanks for being positive about it...I put a negative spin on things rather easily.


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