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Mini-Baby is partying and I cannot sleep. He (yep, one more for the man-team), knows just where to kick so he can get me dancing with him.

I'm waiting to move into a house. Have been in comfortable limbo for about three weeks now, since I left Panama.

The cold was relentless when I first landed. Mini-Him saw his first snow flurry, and we huddled, cowering against the sight of the frosty hood of the rental car parked outside our hotel window. Him and Mini-Him are thrilled to bits to be back though. They made a bee line for every fast food outlet that they missed over three years, with Mini-Him dragging a reluctant Him to Chuck-E-Cheese's; he returned triumphantly with two hundred coupons in reserve, a four inch green squishy lizard he proceeded to stuff down my back, and a purple gel filled "slappy" thing that clung obscenely to walls.

pic credit - Stuart Miles; freedigitalphotos.net
This is a different world again. Orderly, impeccable, quiet, courteous and distant. I found myself on Panama mode when I first arrived. Smiled at everyone, really, because there wasn't a tense muscle in my body. It's crept in though, over the last couple of weeks. With a to-do list longer than Him, and an awakening alertness. I'm sort of watching out now. For cell phone salesmen and insurance guys who could sell me something I don't need. For Mini-Him's unrestrained enthusiasm, that could disturb a crowd that has unspoken rules, that silently communicate themselves to everyone, but Mini-Him. For speaking softly, now that we're surrounded by thin walls rather than sturdy concrete ones.

But there is comfort in the familiarity of a place. In a society that is always trying to get better from the ground up. I have new plans now, and hopes for many things. Have to finish that third book, have to jump into a new branch of work a year after Mini-Baby is born. Have things to ready, and deadlines to meet.

So different from last year, when friends' dinners, books, and exercise schedules were the most pressing details of daily existence.

It's life's way of balancing things out for me. Just realized again, sleepless as I am, that life does give me a break. Lets me bliss out. Lets me heal and recuperate and smile. Just before tossing me into a whirlwind again. See some intense years coming my way.
I give thanks for the blessings that are, and those that are yet to be.

Happy Wednesday!
p.s. I have the poems literally bursting through me. Have to put them down once I'm in a quieter place. Him, bless him, is snoring. Mini-him's snores are a mini-echo.

pic credit - http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2664


  1. Anne--you better birth that stuff out of you before you go about "birthin'" the other he in your life--there will be many sleepless nights in which to ponder---however you'll no doubt be tired--so find yourself a quiet place--somewhere at some local library and write while you can.....I could use some good reading.

    Big Daddy woke me up twice last night to talk about TV---suddenly he was snoring and I was open eyed until after midnight...we should have shared phone numbers for those "awake" nights.

    It was nice to get an update.....enjoy a bit of your time while you can.

    1. Hi Pam,
      You have that right. That book does need to be "birthed" soon. And you get to read it. Will send you a copy and you can tell me exactly what you think. Big Daddy sounds hilarious! It would've been funny if we'd broken out the chocolate and talked in the middle of the night, with snoring in the background. I'm moving in over tomorrow, day after...I hope to get hooked up by Sat. Will message you then. Hope you're well and the kids and Big Daddy are rocking as usual...and I've enjoyed the time...it's been a blessing.
      Hugs, Anne


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