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Just had a thought. A few thoughts related to expectations/judgements and guilt.

I do believe that it's important to be able to judge right from wrong. Like the father in Khaled Hosseini's Kites said, there is no greater sinner than one who takes what does not belong to him. I'd add to that list - taking over some one else's person/purpose and molding it to fit your own view of life can have disastrous consequences.

I think it's important to be able to judge for our safety.

It's important to be able to tell a creep/axe-murderer from a non-creep/lumberjack.

Beyond that, I have wonder why we all expect such a whole lot. Especially since, we're so short sighted (literally too, in my case) and ignorant about why we're each here on this planet.

How do we know, for instance, that someone who appears isolated/uninvolved isn't really trying to maintain and inner balance, and for functioning normally, there can't be anything more important to this person.

How do we know, an incessant chatterbox isn't merely being narcissistic, but has found an outlet for clogged  sentiment?

Or, that a workaholic is working her way toward finding the moment when she can finally stop and smell the roses? That to truly stop, she needs some sort of validation through work/a healthy bank account/some sort of cushion for tough times?

Or that the people who seem so terribly involved with a child are terrified of losing him/her and feel over involvement beats being lax?

Of course balance in all things is important. And friends and family do their part in identifying when someone goes overboard. That would be healthy.

Still, I've seen people dismiss others for reasons that seem mighty superficial (to me).

Perhaps the traits people exhibit are necessary for their survival, and for their particular life lessons/journey. We can't know exactly what they need; most of us are still trying to figure out why we're here and what we're required to achieve.

Yet, it's easy to dismiss actions and believe that we have the right of it.

Why extend our shortsightedness and expect others to see as little as we do?!

Flaws are pieces of the puzzle too, I think. It wouldn't do to have missing parts of our individual selves just because someone else can't stand it! That's not to say that we can't improve. I guess I'm just trying to say that perfection must be the final goal. Perfection for what each of our journeys entail.

pic credit - federico stevanin, freedigitalphotos.net
And as long as we contribute to maintaining civilization's framework, I can't think how it becomes anyone's business that we live a shade of burgundy as opposed to beige...

or that a cat chooses to execute a "Downward Dog" with perfection.

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