Light and dark

pic credit - wiangya;
All content copyrighted.

Swirling silk kissed
her calves as she walked
Tap, tap, tap each step seemed
a beckoning toward
his future.

A future with loving eyes
of brandy warmth, drugging kisses that drew out longing
from lips that threw sharp words against darkness
when it's provocation stirred
a passionate heart.

Hands steady, arms held out
a breath stopped, waiting
her future waiting to be embraced
certain and unafraid,
of perceived light.

A future with loving eyes
that saw more than just brandy warmth.
drugging kisses that shied not from darkness
lips framing retorts when a mind stirred against wrong
yet tempered as the heart stayed steady.

A promise of eternity
for one, eternity was light existing alone
for the other, eternal light
existed with darkness that sought
to diminish itself.

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